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Daniel Ogassian is a Los Angeles-Based artisan turned industrial designer. His work, which he began developing after obtaining his MFA and refining his prototyping at Art Center College of Design, spans free-standing furniture, ceramic and concrete tiles, outsized surfaces, and outdoor ‘vessels’ for plants and water features. Daniel begins with a hierarchy, which works backward from the concept of many of his contemporaries. Daniel has long help minimalism not as a movement but rather “simple decoration with spare use of line and material choices… Cleanly ornate design”. Still, Daniel maintains a humble disregard of function initially and designs to decoration, not form. 

“Ornamentation preciousness – is at the very nucleus of design. It is the DNA of the form, it is the origin, so that is where you start”. To Daniel, the DNA is where he finds the life, the activity, the movement.

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