Flow 3D "..movement is revealed by the opposing
direction of the tessellation."
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Japanese Geo “…based on a classic Japanese block-print pattern...” Browse Collection Malibu “…paying homage to historic Malibu pottery.” Browse Collection Twist “…light cascades as the texture waves
into modern histories.”
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Ornamentation preciousness – is at the very nucleus of design. It is the DNA of the form, it is the origin, so that is where you start.

"...the new Ogassian Brise tile collection,
a timeless ode to a style popular in the 50s and 60s. "

Optic 1 A modern interpretation of a classic design. Concrete
Dimensional 3D
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Japanese Geo Based on a classic Japanese block-print pattern,
a geometric pattern is pulled into three dimensions.
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Dimensional 3D
Penta 3D A pattern that is pulled from an overlap of hexagons and
pentagons moving in opposite direction.
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Dimensional 3D
Malibu Paying homage to historic Malibu pottery, distills this
historic era in a modern way by subtracting the
color and adding scale and depth.
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Dimensional 3D

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