Japanese Weave
Based on a classic Japanese block print pattern, a geometric shape is pulled into three dimensions.

The Optic Series is a collection of designs that reveal shapes as one’s viewing orientation changes. When viewed from directly in front, the tile appears in two dimensions. However, if viewed from the left or right, the tile reveals a bulging third dimension through an interplay of light and shadow.

The Optic-1 reveals bulging spheres within squares, with linear groves. This design is the inspiration for the Optic Series. The outcome is a modern interpretation of a classic design.

Geo Weave

A bold interwoven geometric design that adds strength to an environment.

Penta Flooring
The Penta is an outsized pentagonal-shaped tile that creates hexagonal shapes when combined into this unique pattern, creating a hidden order. The monochromatic tones of concrete with subtle variations of hue, texture, and larger scale amplify this iconic design. It can be combined with the Penta Flora.

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