Penta Flora
Penta Flora



The Penta Flora depicts symmetrically arrayed flowers contained within pentagons and hexagons. The design invites symmetrical discovery and can be combined with the Penta for added impact and variation.


  • Feature Wall
  • Exterior Cladding
  • Lobby
  • Fireplace Surround
  • Commercial High|Traffic
  • Spa
  • Bathroom Wall


Tile not suitable for shower installs.


  • Variation:
    • Color – Medium
    • Thickness – Low
    • Texture – Medium
  • Patina: Yes
  • Durability: High
  • Lifespan: High

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  • Thin-Set Mortar
  • Must be cleaned and pre-sealed prior to installation
  • Sanded Grout
  • Color Sorted

Color & Finish

This tile works well with every glaze, as well as the concrete colors – and is suited nicely for the more reactive glazes like metallic green gray, and cola, but must be blended as the variation needs balance.

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Dark Gray
Light Gray
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8.250” x 11.000” x 0.500” (2.33 pieces per sf)

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New White

White associates with light, innocence, goodness, purity and perfection.

Our New White is a perfect compliment to all of our designs as these attributes dovetail with nicely with the ceramic line.

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Create beauty through warmth with this rutile/orange based glaze. Micro crystals break along the edge of high surfaces dramatically highlighting the minimal designs.

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Metallic Anitque Gold

Some say that Gold symbolizes the transformation of the soul. In terms of alchemy, Gold is the ultimate symbol of virtue, longevity and eternity. We bring another dimension to this color with this breaking reactive glaze.

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Metallic Bronze

With several oxides melded and melted together we produce this special reactive glaze that flows with gray and golden streaks. This Glaze looks slightly different on the geometric designs.

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This particular glaze has a wonderful nuance of surface resembling cola, however the flavor is perhaps even more sweet, as surface dimension is accentuated by the variety of reaction over sloping surface and crystal pools.

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Metallic Green Gray

This is our Wow go to glaze for the designs that have smaller scale that can be blended in such a fashion that will augment the chemistry of copper metallic melting into both green and gray.

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Metallic Black

Our metallic black is sometimes referred to love gun metal. This fluid looking glaze is beautifully reactive to the human tough, but the fingerprints tell you about the metallic, subdued gray/black that can be cleaned to original glory, or left alone for a touch of patina.

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Matte White

The perfect glaze to minimize aspect of reflection, and focus on the subtlety of design. This white complements warm materials.