A color. A glaze. A surface. A hue. A reflection. A reaction…

Glazes are all about the chemistry of glass and mineral suspension fluxed and melted together into a plethora of colors and finishes. A lifetime of blending and melting minerals, and fusing them into clay is at the core of what we do. Our carefully curated palette of glazes runs a gamut from the purity of a glossy white to a subtleness of a copper metallic. As with most of our designs that are meant to celebrate dimensional pattern, these glazes are formulated to enrich the timeless beauty within.


Ceramic Glaze

White associates with light, innocence, goodness, purity and perfection.

Our New White is a perfect compliment to all of our designs as these attributes dovetail with nicely with the ceramic line.

This new white is a homogeneous glaze that melts evenly to all surfaces, sloping or otherwise, but will break slightly over terra-cotta clay to yield contrast over the geometric edges of designs like the japanese geo, spark, geo weave, the stadium series and basically all the designs with sharp edges. 

It also melds nicely on the less sloping and relatively smoother designs, like the more, Japanese weave, flow 3d, and the like.  This glaze works well on all shapes. If you have a question about how this glaze will look on a particular design, please ask.


Ceramic Glaze

Impossible to describe with words, the chemistry of this metallic gold colored glaze has a reactive mud-flat appearance over the reflective gold surface and even has a crackly effect on top of that. It truly has a chemical sculptural patina that is a s luxe as it gets. This glaze pools only slightly as can be seen in the depths of faceted designs, but we control this effect to perfection with precise control of the melt to balance all of the stretch, depth, and flow of the glaze.  This glaze works well on all shapes. If you have a question about how this glaze will look on a particular design, please ask.


Ceramic Glaze

One of our most popular and beautiful glazes is also one that cannot be tamed. If Kiln Gods were we not smiling, this glaze would be cursed with homogeneity and uniformity. Instead, the earthen materials and chemistry never react with the heat and melt in precisely the same way. Between green and gray, both, and sometimes one or the other, this glaze is one that needs greater consideration than all the others when considering the design. Blending of the tiles is paramount with this glaze and scale also must be considered. Designs with high relief and steep slopes are ideal for casting this glaze for a dance. 


Ceramic Glaze

Lovely and irresistible to touch, this metallic glaze  reflects the concept of earthen in molten metal fashion. Particularly interesting with the pattern of penta 3d, this glaze looks almost totally natural result of glass, flux metal and pattern. Some of the patterns look totally natural with this glaze fused to clay.


Ceramic Glaze

The perfect glaze to minimize aspect of reflection, and focus on the subtlety of design. This white complements warm materials.


Ceramic Glaze

This is one of our most interesting glazes that is almost impossible to capture with photography. With granular sparkles of iron and manganese, this fluxing oxide-rich glaze reflects iron red, mists and splashes of trunlucence and even a micro crackle. This tile needs to be sealed more than the other glazes as it has the greatest concentration of the beautiful crackle. Ideal for feature walls where the brilliance of the patina, and pattern are combined.


Concrete Color


Concrete Color


Concrete Color

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